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The visitors complete guide to the 6 county Lake Hartwell area.

Lake Hartwell serves 14,000,000 visitors each year. The surrounding 6 counties are home to 2 national forests, 10 state parks, and hundreds of waterfalls and trails. Clemson University draws hundreds of thousands each year to sporting events. The National Wild and Scenic Chattooga River is one of the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in the country. Add it all up and the Lake Hartwell area is one of the busiest tourist areas in the country with people coming from every state in the nation and many foreign countries.
        We find that many of these out-of-town visitors are researching the area via the internet before they come. With annual growth of nearly 50%, it is no wonder that the internet is fast becoming the primary tool that people use to plan their vacations.
        We decided to initiate this index to help provide the visitor with the information they need to plan a trip to this area, to help promote the Lake Hartwell area, and to provide a cost effective means of advertising to the out of town visitor. We decided to follow the "KISS" rule and stick to a simple index with a minimum of graphics or special effects. The idea is to develop a page that loads fast, provides the information the visitor needs, and provides links to other more detailed sources. Experience has taught us that being "on the internet" is similar to having a store on a back street.

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