Wateree Lake Map

Lake Wateree Map: 36"x25" single sided waterproof, tear resistant, GPS compatible lake map with Marina listings, Lake Structure, Road Networks, and more. Map includes Cedar Creek Reservoir and Fishing Creek Reservoir.

Wateree Lake Map
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Lake Wateree is located on the Catawba River in north central South Carolina just off I-77 approximately 30 miles north of Columbia and 20 miles south of Lancaster. The Wateree River is a continuation of the Catawba River, which flows from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina; the Catawba and Wateree are the same river with different names assigned to sections of it. The name change occurs at Lake Wateree, which is formed by a hydroelectric dam in Kershaw County, South Carolina, about the point where Wateree Creek empties into it. The Wateree flows generally southward through Kershaw County and along the common boundary of Richland and Sumter Counties, past the town of Camden. It joins the Congaree River to form the Santee River about 35 mi (55 km) southeast of Columbia. From Wikipedia.
Lake Wateree

Dam Construction:            1919
Shoreline (Miles):               190
Area (Acres):                  13,710
Depth at Dam (Feet):           78'
Normal Full Pool (MSL)     222'
Maximum Drawdown:          10'

Cedar Creek Reservoir

Dam Construction:            1909
Shoreline (Miles):                 20
Area (Acres):                       800
Depth at Dam (Feet):           59'
Normal Full Pool (MSL)     284'
Maximum Drawdown:            3'

Fishing Creek Reservoir

Dam Construction:            1916
Shoreline (Miles):                 36
Area (Acres):                    3,370
Depth at Dam (Feet):           62'
Normal Full Pool (MSL)     413'
Maximum Drawdown:          10'

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